The first device

to manage your incontinence

EchoScope tells you bladder activity anywhere anytime

Get your voiding time right

Eliminate stress

Spend your time on things that matter more




"You can't manage if you can't measure."

Peter Drucker

Let's measure AND manage your incontinence

Just wear EchoScope

with your underwear or disposable product and place it on your pubic area.

The sensor will automatically start tracking your bladder and display the results on your smart devices.


Your current fullness level

You set when to receive a notification to visit a restroom

shows how fast your bladder is filling up

move the dashed line to set a notification to hydrate

Track in's and out's of your bladder in your palm


That's not all..


Monitor the progress of pelvic floor exercise (PFE) with feedback.

If PFE is a recommended treatment for you, stop doing it blindly. Nothing confirms more than a real feedback.


Consult with continence experts with your digital voiding diary.

Eliminate the hassle to speak to a professional.


Bring your esteem up and don’t let incontinence interfere with your mental health.


Stay tuned with us

Who are we?

We believe it's time to break with the tradition of managing incontinence without knowing your history. 

Measure & Manage your bladder using bladder sensing technology, and break with the past.


Daryl Chulho Hyun

CEO & Co-founder: Daryl was a Biodesign Fellow at the University of Oxford where he researched incontinence and a medical device inventor at BC Cancer Research Center and Harvard Medical School/Mass. General Hospital (MGH). While at MGH, he successfully translated nasal Micro-OCT imaging to the first-in-human clinical trial for cystic fibrosis research. While in the UK & Europe, he was invited to the EIT Health Validation Lab program at Yes!Delft in the Netherlands. Also, he is an avid supporter of the MIT Bootcamp entrepreneur community. Daryl graduated with BSc. in Physics at the University of Waterloo and is studying MSc. Regulatory Affairs at Northeastern University.


Bill Lee, CPA

CFO & Co-founder: Bill has practiced accounting for over 8 years in Western Canada. Bill has diverse experiences in different sectors including manufacturing and medical professional corporations as well as non-profit organizations. His expertise in business consultation & planning, taxation and corporate governance brings foundational values to EchoScope. As an entrepreneur himself, Bill founded a public accounting firm with two other partners in Vancouver. Besides his professional career, Bill is actively involved in the Kitsilano high school basketball team, where he was an all-star player previously.

Hubert Zajicek, MD, MBA

Executive Advisor: Hubert is CEO & Co-founder of Health Wildcatters, a nationally top ranked healthcare accelerator and investment fund in Dallas. The accelerator raises an angel-investor backed health innovation fund that has invested in 68 healthcare startups, which raised over $100M in capital in about 7 years with a valuation of half a billion dollars. He serves as an advisor, mentor and board member on various organizations and startup companies. Prior, he was on faculty at UT Southwestern, as an NIH funded principal investigator, in the Departments of Internal Medicine and Cell Biology. He has an MD from the University of Vienna and an MBA from Southern Methodist University.