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A wearable that measures, monitors, and manages Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms (LUTS).

Start understanding your LUTS and never compromise your quality of life.

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Adults with Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms (LUTS) - leakage, poor urine stream, nocturia and/or sudden urge.

Adults looking for visual trends and progress of LUTS.


Caregivers who need a prompt tool for continence care.


Clinicians who need an objective fluid intake and voiding history of their patients.

Live better with less worry. 

Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms (LUTS) are urinary issues related to storage and voiding of urine and post-micturition. Common symptoms include leakage, poor urine stream and nocturia. Over 20 millions of adults in North America suffer from LUTS, and a study by the US Centers for Medicare and Medicaid shows that LUTS is a bigger factor in diminishing the quality of life, even more than diabetes [1]. Nevertheless, there is no means to measure the symptoms of LUTS as of yet. Consequently, merely 20% of them receive any treatment.  


Digital health technologies have transformed and improved the quality of life of many millions of people with health conditions. Born out of the Biodesign fellowship program at the University of Oxford, Echoscope is designing an ultimate device that measures, monitors and helps managing LUTS.

[1] Mardon et al.,”Management of Urinary Incontinence in Medicare Managed Care Beneficiaries”, Arch Intern Med. (2006)



Digital biomarkers for LUTS are visualized on your smart device.



Share your urinary history with a caregiver or a clinician digitally.



Improve your QoL based on LUTS digital biomarkers and standardized symptom score.

How it works

Simplify your day by
wearing Echoscope Sensor.

Monitor urinary symptoms anywhere anytime. Echoscope Sensor measures the bladder and contextual activities to provide actionable insights on your smart device.

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3 Easy Steps:


Start monitoring by placing Echoscope Sensor in the pubic region (with consumables or Echoscope Boxer Brief).


See the trends of your urinary symptoms on your smart device.


Conveniently share with caregivers and/or clinicians in a discreet manner.

With sufferers, medical professionals, and innovators, Echoscope has researched why products and services for LUTS or incontinence have failed to put the sufferers first and foremost, especially their quality of life.  


Born out of Oxford Biodesign and trained at EIT Health Validation Lab, Health Wildcatters and entrepreneurship@UBC, Echoscope's patent-pending technology is making the unmeasurable measurable so that our user, you, can start managing LUTS with the insights you need!  


"What gets measured gets managed."
Peter Drucker

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