NASA technology reborn for continence management


More than 30 years ago, the NASA invented an ultrasonic device to rapidly measure the urinary bladder volume.


At EchoScope, we delved into problems with incontinence, not married to a particular technology, and our answer was “in order to manage, we need to measure” as in continuous glucose monitoring for diabetics.

Ultrasonic measurement of the bladder was not the only candidate technology. After validating the feasibility of various technologies - Ultrawideband radar, thermal imaging, bioimpedance, near-infrared, and even auscultation – the direction for technology development was clear, low-fidelity ultrasound ranging.

Also, we understand that bladder volume technology itself doesn’t make a good monitoring tool – it’s one piece in the puzzle.

EchoScope’s patent-pending technology makes this first-of-its-kind product truly useful and easy to use - our mantra behind product development.